At the 2024 New Jersey Big Data Alliance Annual Symposium, the editors of the Journal of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (JBDAI) gave “Best Paper” awards from the recent two volumes of the Journal.

An independent panel of judges consisting of faculty and senior professionals from leading New Jersey universities and industry, conducted a rigorous review of papers published in the JBDAI. Consideration was given to innovative thinking and potential for future impact. These research papers were selected as recipients of the Best Paper Award:

Best Paper winners

Textual Data Distributions: Kullback Leibler Textual Distributions Contrasts on GPT-2 Generated Texts, with Supervised, Unsupervised Learning on Vaccine and Market Topics and Sentiment
Jim Samuel, Rutgers University; Ratnakar Palle, Apple; Eduardo Correa Soares, Cerence BV

Jim Samuel with Wade Trappe and Rajiv Kashyap

Wade Trappe (left), Jim Samuel (center), and Rajiv Kashyap (right)

BERT based Blended Approach for Fake News Detection
Satish Mahadevan Srinivasan and Shafqaat Ahmad, Pennsylvania State University

Wade Trappe, Satish Srinivasan, Rajiv Kashyap

Wade Trappe (left), Satish Srinivasan (center), Rajiv Kashyap (right)

Crime Frequency During COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter Protests
Aylin Kosar, Rutgers University–Camden; Mehmet Turkoz, William Paterson University

Wade Trappe, Mehmet Turkoz, Rajiv Kashyap

Wade Trappe (left), Mehmet Turkoz (center), Rajiv Kashyap (right)

Honorable mention

Investment Under Uncertainty: The Role of Inventory Dynamics
Chuanqing Zhang, William Paterson University; Xue Cui, Shenzen University; Sudipto Sarkar, McMaster University

Wade Trappe, Chuanqian Zhang, Rajiv Kashyap

Wade Trappe (left), Chuanqian Zhang (center), Rajiv Kashyap (right)

Panel of Judges:

  • Wade Trappe, Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Research, School of Engineering, Rutgers University
  • George Avirappattu, Professor of Mathematics, Kean University
  • Rajiv Kashyap, Professor and Department Chair, College of Business, William Paterson University