Student Research Projects

Any current undergraduate or graduate students attending an institution of higher education may submit a project proposal to be featured at the 8th annual NJBDA symposium hosted online by Princeton University on April 29-30, 2021.

Topics including esports, smart cities, AI, machine learning, or big data are encouraged.  Submissions are not limited to students from NJBDA member schools. Projects can be completed by small groups consisting of members from one or more higher education institutions. Join our NJBDA communication server on Discord.

Project proposals are due no later than April 5.  Final submissions will be accepted no later than April 23.  Participants are welcome to join us for the online symposium at no charge.

Final project submissions will be in the form of a digital video presentation. Presentations should range from 4-8 minutes in length and should feature the speaker along with a screen capture of relevant content. This could include the narration of a PowerPoint or narrated demonstration of an application, system, API, library, site, data analysis, etc.

Esports Hackathon

Big data plays a large role in the esports ecosystem.  Do you have a great idea for a project that leverages big data and relates to esports or gaming?

Check out our Student Research site for information about esports API’s and project ideas, as well as a form for submitting project proposals.