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8th Annual New Jersey Big Data Alliance Symposium
Smart State: Big Data for Community Impact

April 29-30, 2021 | Princeton University

The New Jersey Big Data Alliance (NJBDA) is an alliance of 17 higher education institutions, as well as industry and government members, that catalyzes collaboration in advanced computing and data analytics research, education and technology.

The NJBDA Annual Symposium brings together academia, government and industry from across the state and beyond, to share information on the latest innovations, research and future directions in Big Data. The concept for this year is: How do the state, cities, and communities work with academia and industry using big data to improve equity, sustainability, and prosperity for community members?

We invite faculty/researchers to submit abstracts of their research for presentation at the symposium.

The 2021 Symposium will include academic research sessions with presentations on current research in Smart Cities, AI, Machine Learning and Big Data.

Final schedule, agenda, and registration information will be announced shortly.


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