Our goal is to build New Jersey’s position as a national leader in the era of Big Data!

We believe that big data has become so pervasive and the opportunities it presents so transformative, that the ability to analyze it and glean valuable information is now viewed as essential for competitive growth.  Thus, the initiatives of the NJBDA are designed to facilitate academia-government-industry partnerships as catalysts for innovation and data-driven economic development in New Jersey.

Each year the NJBDA hosts a symposium which provides a forum for industry, government and academic experts to discuss the latest trends, current research, industry needs, strategies and mechanisms to address big data, cyberinfrastructure and advanced computation challenges and opportunities. Visit our Symposium page for more information.

The NJBDA organizes education programs, including creating coordinated certificate, workforce training, and outreach programs with Members and third parties. These efforts will help prepare the state’s workforce for an environment that relies on big data. The NJBDA is actively developing the following programs:

  • Big Data Internship program for New Jersey students with funding from the US-EDA
  • New Jersey Technology Career Navigator website – a single access point for information on tech jobs, undergraduate and graduate degree programs and courses, and continuing education and skills courses at all member institutions.
  • On-going Industry Forum series to discuss tech hiring needs, skills gaps, and emerging trends.

Contact George Avirappattu, Ph.D., Kean University, NJBDA VP Educational Collaborations, for more information on the NJBDA Education Committee.

The NJBDA identifies funding opportunities to support collaborative research proposals; organizes proposal writing and submission efforts; and identifies key collaborative research areas. The NJBDA is actively developing the following programs:

  • “Building the Capacity of New Jersey Businesses and Workers to Adjust to and Successfully Compete in the Digital Age” – US Economic Development Authority grant of $220,000 awarded to NJBDA in December 2019 for program support, student internships, and workshops.
  • Creation of an on-line academic journal – The Journal of Big Data: Theory and Practice which will publish original papers in both the theory and practice of big data, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics and decision-making, and state-of-the-art surveys and tutorials of cutting edge algorithms and techniques.
  • NJBDA Research Collaboration Workshops – facilitates collaboration among NJBDA members and other regional institutions on conducting research, utilizing institutional resources, and applying for federal funding.
  • “Research Highlights” updates from members to raise awareness of NJBDA expertise and research interests.

Contact Forough Ghahramani, EdD, MBA, MS, Associate Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Sponsored Programs, Edge, for more information.

The NJBDA liaises with the state legislature and agencies to raise awareness of the NJBDA and its role as a resource for business retention/recruitment and workforce development.

  • In 2014, state legislation was passed recognizing the NJBDA as the state’s “advanced cybersinfrastructure consortium.”
  • Currently, the NJBDA is working with legislators on a bill to develop an advanced cyberinfrastrucuture, cybersecurity and big data plan for the state of New Jersey. The bill passed the full Assembly Oct. 2018. The Senate companion bill (S3673) sponsored by Sens. Smith and Diegnan is currently in the Senate Economic Growth Committee.
  • The NJBDA is also developing a white paper policy series in collaboration with the Research and Academic Committees.

Contact Peggy Brennan-Tonetta, Ph.D., Rutgers University, NJBDA VP for Government Relations, for more information on the NJBDA Government Relations Committee.

The NJBDA seeks to share computing and dataset resources among its members, and with industry and government. Current activities include:

  • Development of a database of specialized advanced computing equipment, unique datasets and data repositories housed at member educational institutions to facilitate access across universities, industry and government.
  • The NJBDA supports the State of New Jersey’s Research With New Jersey

Contact Demetrios Roubos, Stockton University, NJBDA VP for Advanced Technologies, for more information on the NJBDA Advanced Computing Technology Committee.

The NJBDA offers countless benefits and opportunities to industry members such as access to university tech/talent, career training, networking, and much more. This NJBDA committee actively manages:

  • 1st Statewide Data Science Career Fair, with multi-university participation, dynamic keynote speakers, industry panels, and networking, held April 2018.
  • Workforce Forum, with New Jersey employers discussing hiring needs for advanced computing positions and academic members sharing information about courses, programs, and resources designed to meet these hiring needs, fill the talent pipeline, and connect students to employers.
  • Data Science Career Prep Workshop – a half-day workshop for students on data science career preparation, with participation from employer partners. In-depth content on navigating job titles, interview practice, a “day in the life” of a data scientist, tips for starting a career, and more. To be held on March 10, 2020 at Rider University. 

Contact Rashmi Jain, Ph.D., Montclair State University, NJBDA VP for Affiliate Membership for more information on the NJBDA Industry/Government Affiliates Committee.

To learn more about becoming an industry member, visit the membership page.

The NJBDA is actively recruiting new members, and continuing to review and develop member benefits.

  • As of September 2023, New Jersey Community Colleges can be members of NJBDA
  • Currently, there are 18 higher education New Jersey higher education members, as well as Edge.

Contact Adam Scarzafava, NJEdge, NJBDA VP Academic Membership, for more information on the NJBDA Academic Membership Committee.

The NJBDA endeavors to develop a network that provides connections among NJBDA and the New Jersey startup community, and related organizations.

  • Establish collaborations and create speaking opportunities with the New Jersey Tech Council, New Jersey Business Incubator Network, and others.
  • Developing a Big Data Business Plan Competition.

The NJBDA strives to fulfill its mission to further build New Jersey’s reputation as a leader in innovation, increase its competitive advantage, and catalyze data-driven economic development. The NJBDA actively maintains the following marketing channels to promote New Jersey’s leadership in Big Data:

  • Newly redesigned website
  • Press releases about new members and NJBDA activities, accomplishments, and collaborations
  • Bi-annual e-newsletter
  • LinkedIn

Contact Wright Seneres, Princeton University, NJBDA VP for Marketing, for more information on the NJBDA Marketing and Outreach Committee.